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Post by Chiasm Chicken on 5/8/2014, 20:55

Though the content of a suggestion itself is important, how you present the idea is almost equally important in its implementation. Before you create a new topic, please take a look at this one for a few guidelines on how to set up your topic. Make sure that you search before starting a thread.

    I found my idea in a thread!
    Great! Here's what you should do.
  1. Read the thread. Feel free to skim if it's a few pages long, but there may be important information that you're missing out on.
  2. Respond. Develop your reply fully and point out anything that you can think of to support the suggestion. You need to convince us that it's important enough to add--otherwise nothing's going to happen!

    I found my idea in a thread!
    Great. Here's what you should--
    But the thread is locked.
    In that case:
  1. Read the thread. If the thread is locked, then the suggestion has either already been added or denied. If it's been denied, you might change your mind about it being a good idea--but you still have the chance to change our minds.
  2. Recreate the thread. Only do this if it's been at least a month since the thread was closed. It was locked for a reason, and that reason is that it would not work (or it's already working). But if you still think the suggestion is a good idea, you are free to recreate the topic and start a new discussion about it.

If you've looked and can't find your idea among older topics, here are a few things to include in your new thread.

  • A specific title. People are more likely to visit your topic if you have a specific, concise title so that they know what you're suggesting just from reading the title.
  • Details. Details, details. We want to know exactly what you have in mind.
  • Images. Show us what the idea might look like if it were implemented.
  • Examples. How could this suggestion be used? Give us specific examples so that we can see exactly how it would work.

Including a few of these things in your suggestion will definitely help move it along. Your suggestions are always appreciated.
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