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Sexism in the Modern World Empty Sexism in the Modern World

Post by Chiasm Chicken on 5/27/2014, 20:35

The most important thing in debating sexism is being able to distinguish sexism from truth. Women and men are not the same and their biological differences separate them mentally, emotionally, and physically. To establish a few truth is a good way to begin. There may be exceptions to the following statements, but they are fact more often than fiction.

  • Men are physically stronger than women.
  • Men are more aggressive than women.
  • Women are more affectionate than men.

It is not sexist to say any of these things, because they are usually true. In order to address sexism, we need to know this: women and men are not the same, and if you treat them that way, one will prevail over the other.
So what is sexism? Sexism is, as I define it, discriminating against a person purely because of their sex. It is not a huge problem in today's society, but is still in existence, and the fact that so few acknowledge it as being a problem is what makes it a larger problem than it would otherwise be--a problem that, in my opinion, needs to be addressed.
The easiest example of sexism is the rule that it is dishonorable to hit or otherwise injure a female. This is a great idea and all--I mean, I don't think women should be hit--but the idea that one should not be injured purely because they are a female is sexist. I fail to see the logic behind this "rule". Is it honorable to hit a man? Are women really so delicate as to need constant protection? What is the reasoning behind this?
That is my main complaint against sexism, but I could probably think up a few more if I thought hard enough.

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