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Post by Chiasm Chicken on 5/16/2014, 15:04

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I have just finished rereading the Goblet of Fire, and it led me to thinking: would the Wizarding World have been better off if Voldemort had successfully killed Harry Potter and his reign had never faltered? There would have been bloodshed, surely, but I think things would have settled within a number of years, and some species would undoubtedly be better off under Lord Voldemort.
I imagine the world would function featuring Voldemort as a sort of god: not a merciful god, but one who would reward his loyal followers and ignore any who did not sin under his leadership, punishing those who did. Though the battle to become ruler would be a difficult and bloody one, after that some peace would follow, hopefully lasting a good while. As far as wizards go, purebloods would be honored above others and those others might possibly be wiped out entirely, but with other breeds it would be a different story: Voldemort has always been quick to ally with creatures deemed less than friendly by the rest of the wizard community (giants, werewolves, dementors, etc.). Perhaps this was just part of the plan for the grab for power, but perhaps not; racism is deeply embedded within wizarding society, as shown by the fact that the Ministry of Magic was reluctant to seek the assistance of non-human beings even after Voldemort's reappearance had been made clear.
I am not sure how Muggles would last under Voldemort's rule. I doubt they would be made extinct, entirely, but definitely lessened in number. They would likely become aware of the Wizarding World, and would resist at first, but would eventually be overcome by Voldemort's power.
Resistance and reaction are the main things that killed people in this series: those who lay low stayed safe, for the most part. Voldemort would not be the ideal leader, no doubt, but I do think there might have been fewer deaths and more benefits for non-humans had he successfully taken over.

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