Virtual Schooling: Yay or Nay?

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Virtual Schooling: Yay or Nay? Empty Virtual Schooling: Yay or Nay?

Post by Chiasm Chicken on 5/14/2014, 20:17

Online schools are gradually becoming more popular. Do you think they're a good idea, or should we stick to more traditional ways of learning?
I think that virtual schooling can be a good thing, but that not all education should become digitalized: different people learn in different ways, and we should be working to accommodate all of those people instead of just changing to what may be a majority. There are some obvious pros to virtual school (which will be appreviated to "VS" from here on out): more students from different areas, vast databases of knowledge, and (in the case of discussion boards) easier communication between multiple people. I think that the main question would be is it a good way to learn. The fact is that plagiarism becomes much easier once we get online, and there is no way to prevent all of it.
I do not think that entire schools should be online, but I do think that certain classes will benefit from the transformation. Smaller classes that do not attract the attention of many students but are still worth teaching can function easily online, where they can attract enough people to be able to successfully fund the program without wasting money.
While I don't support the idea of entire schools going online, I do think it is important for their to be some sort of online communication in addition to physical and verbal, so as to accommodate students who learn best when on the web.
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