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Post by Chiasm Chicken on 5/10/2014, 21:01

Yes, the show that glorifies murder. There is mainly one point that I'm interested in discussing here, and that is whether or not Dexter was a good person, but anyone else is welcome to introduce a difference subject (as long as it relates to the show) if they would like to.

I do not think that any real person is good or bad, but seeing as Dexter is fictional, I think it easiest to go ahead and label him as bad. Yes, I think Dexter is a bad person, and over the next few paragraphs I will be explaining why.
First--and this is my biggest problem--he is a hypocrite. He plays morally superior to his victims, mocking them and playing "morally superior". His main criticism seems to be that, when they give him a reason for their crimes, he says that they did it because they wanted to. He treats this as a bad thing, worse than his own wrongdoings, when in fact he has stated before that "It doesn't matter who is on [his] table as long as someone's there." This is my main complaint of his character; the rest of him isn't so bad.
Dexter is different from his victims in that he cares about their innocence, and while this is good, I do not think it justifies his kills. As he sees it, his victims deserve death, which I can understand. But even criminals have families and people who care about them: the Trinity killer definitely had good people in his life who liked him. He was a problem in his family members' lives, but his death created an even bigger hole than his life. His victims are still people. Killing them is still a crime.
Dexter has also killed people who do not meet the code and has felt no regret; his only wondering about it afterwards were because of the guilt that others felt concerning the death (I'm talking about the case with LaGuerta).
The villains in Dexter are truly horrible people. They have hurt and ruined lives and their actions are unjustifiable. Why? Surely, in real life, so many bad criminals would not congregate in such a small area? And in such successive order? No, there must be a few petty criminals in between, at least realistically. So why are Dexter's victims such awful people? Most likely so that we, in our minds, are able to support Dexter morally and stomach the scenes in which he kills. If we had seen the families, histories and true personalities of the killers, would we have wanted them on Dexter's table?
The answer to that is debatable, of course (but why else would I have made this topic than to debate?). But I can't stand to have a properly developed character killed off so suddenly. I was (spoilers!) disappointed by the ending of the show. I wish that Dexter had been lost at sea, had been punished for his crimes. It would have been sudden, but I think that it was developed far enough to make it believable. For Harrison.
Oh, and for my fellow wishful thinkers, are there any points you wish the show had addressed? My main wish was for them to show Deb's thoughts and reactions to the point that, after Dexter had revealed his nighttime activities, the detective should have realized that she had now fallen for two serial killers. Deb's a deep character, and I was disappointed by the fact that she didn't see this. Her reaction would have been interesting, I'm sure.

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